Project name: Hamsters of my Youth

A school storyboard project telling short interconnected stories about the various aspects of the life of hamsters.


For this project, I mostly used Photoshop.

Project name: Happy Face

A school storyboard project. The story takes place during the height of the French revolution. The protagonist, Charles-Henri Sanson, real life royal executioner of France is having a bad day with seemingly endless executions and all the people assembled in the Place de la Revolution seem to share his sentiment.


But when he notices a sad child in the crowd, something spurs him to take action and spice up his work.


For this project, I mostly used Photoshop for the drawings. However, I did build my set in Maya to get more options for and figure out camera placements and lens angles.

Project name: A Micelandic Saga

Storyboards for my intended senior film project at the Savannah College of Art & Design. The story involves a a bestselling author of horror novels, who has the misfortune of her protagonist, a mass murderer, escaping from her manuscript and into the real world.


She combs the city for him without luck and quickly descends into panic and starts to question her own sanity, before eventually finding her character and realizing that he only escaped because he wanted to settle down, grow roses and watch the butterflies.


They become best of friends.


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