I am a 33 year old artist from Reykjavik, Iceland. My favorite things in the world are happiness, making funny stories and cartoons, both solo and with great people, listening to (almost) all kinds of music and playing with LEGOs.


My dream is to work in the medium of storytelling, both as a story artist for animated features and cartoonist/illustrator for books and magazines, all of which I already have some experience.


My least favorite things in the world are negativity and getting that question about whether Iceland is actually green and Greenland is icy. The answer is yes, and the reason is: Eric the Red, a Norwegian fugitive who fled from Iceland in the 980s, settled in Greenland and wanted people to settle there so he named the place...yes. That's why. The last laugh was on us, not him. Spread the word, please, and stop asking us that question. It is not funny and has not been for the last 1030 years.


Thank you.


Best regards,